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Having just finished Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I was struck at the predominance of theme of desensitization. In a culture today where people have become desensitized to the world around them, I worry about its impact on our society. I’m not saying we’ve entered into a dystopian world but these types of books are meant to be hyperbole in order to draw attention to larger concerns expressed by the other or conclusions drawn from the reader.


nything that gives you joy or happiness that is entirely for yourself. I have always struggled with self care because it always felt selfish… which is what it is supposed to be. Taking something for yourself can feel awkward at first while you look at all the things that need to be done or the expectations others may have for you. I have always struggled with the need to be the perfect father, husband, son, and employee.


In a previous post I wrote about how to deploy an application in a container. The gist of the post talked about how containers provide a layer of abstraction so that your applications can run on any machine. This is great for local development and large scale applications. However, in order for them to run in a production environment they more than likely are required to run on some sort of runtime or server which can provide some additional cost overhead.


Frameworks for microservices seem to be a dime a dozen. They provide the abstraction needed for a developer to quickly develop a service that can be exposed to others who may need it. Some languages like Go provide enough from the standard library that the setup for a microservice mostly comes down to using built in libraries and structuring data properly. However, some other languages have some libraries that allow you to rapidly develop services without having to worry too much about setup.


Becoming a better developer does not always mean being an expert in a programming language. Nor does it mean being the smartest person in the room. More often than not you will find that you aren’t an expert and you aren’t the smartest person. Work is more than just programming, it’s understanding and developing products that people will use and to do that it requires more than just a rock star programmer, it requires a person who is has the abilities to help their company succeed.