Dumb Phone Eulogy

I am one of the few people who’ve probably traded in their smart phone for a dumb phone. By dumb phone I mean a phone that pretty much just makes calls and texts. For over eight years now I’ve scorned the smart phone market because of the increasing negative effects I feel it has on people. The concept of being constantly connected always presents itself as a great thing but often leads to isolated interactions with people because they are busy checking their Facebook or Twitter feeds or playing some new game.

Another Tech Blog

Who needs another technology blog? Aren’t there enough out there? It seems like it’s a right of passage for someone to create one but to who’s benefit? This has been the third or fourth (maybe fifth) attempt for me to start some sort of blog each with their vision. Yet in the end they sit in a corner of the internet wasting away helping no one. All blogs feel that they need to solve the world’s problems, get one million hits, and then the authors can quit their day jobs.